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We believe that diversity has always been the secret sauce of the American success story, and the Immigrant Yarn Project is a massive public art installation that celebrates that diversity. It will be made up of thousands of pieces, both small and large, each representing your personal or family story.  This project could not happen without your contribution, so thank you!

1. Yarn - Please recycle yarn wherever possible. All those tiny remnants left over from previous creations are perfect for this project.

2. Design - It’s your contribution, so do whatever you think represents yourself and/or your family’s diversity story; a square, an animal, people, food - whatever! Additionally you can donate your existing finished or unfinished projects!!  Do you have a bag full of swatches? How about an old granny square lap blanket in the back of the closet?? Send it in. We all have at least one half-scarf in the bottom of our knitting baskets.  You know you'll never finish it, and this is the perfect home for your orphaned, wonky, abandoned yarn project, but please bind them off first.

3. You say you can't knit or crochet? - Pompoms are easy and fun to make. Leave the string on as shown below.  Here is a video to show you how to make a pompom

4. Dimensions - Create or donate a piece that is 36” wide OR LESS by whatever length you want. It can be 2" x 2" or 36" x 120" or anything in between.  Just make sure one of the dimensions is 36" or less so it can fit on our panels,  and WEAVE IN ALL LOSE ENDS.


5. Corner Ties - Attach at least a 6” yarn tie at each corner if your piece is a square or rectangle- total of four, so your square can be fastened to the backing. If you are submitting a bauble, or small yarn animal, or other non-square piece, please also include fastening ties. 

6. How many pieces can one person submit? - As many as you like!

7. Then what happens? - As we receive the pieces, we are tying / sewing them together and creating 100 unique column-like sculptures in varying heights. The project will be installed at the Fort Point National Historic Site under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in May 2019. The exhibition will continue to grow as visitors add more pieces throughout the project. After the Fort Point exhibit, the Yarn Project will go on the road.

8. Shipping - Please mail your square with your contact information including email address, and any additional information about your immigrant story you care to include to:

c/o Branch Hill, TransAmerica Pyramid
600 Montgomery Street; Ste. 2400
San Francisco, CA 94111-2702

9. Deadline - We will be accepting squares and pieces through the lifecycle of the project.

If you have questions, please get in touch.

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