The Immigrant Yarn Project is the largest work of crowd-sourced art in the country - celebrating tolerance, difference and the vital contributions that immigrants have made to our success story. It's a metaphor for our crazy, wonky, diverse and colorful country created by immigrants and their descendants to honor and celebrate them.

Countless squares, pieces, pompoms and blankets knitted by immigrants and their descendants arrive in our studio daily. From high schools in California to retirement centers in Maine, we have collected these works of art - each representing a personal or familial story. The pieces are compiled, sewn together and fashioned into over 100 sculptural totems, comprising a single colossal work of yarn-based art.

We think it's time to rise above the division and come together to recognize what we all have in common—citizenry in a nation composed of diverse backgrounds, families, politics, faiths, identities and ideas. 


First displayed at Fort Point National Historic Site, at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in May 2019, and then in locations throughout the USA, the Immigrant Yarn Project will provide a testament to the creative spirit of our shared immigrant heritage.


The Immigrant Yarn Project is proud to have the support of so many across the country - including US Senators Kamala D. Harris and Diane Feinstein,  the Museum of Craft and Design and The United Way, schools and countless individuals. (Here is a fuller list of some of our Friends and Supporters.)  It is a much-beloved, high-profile project that addresses one of the most important issues of the moment in a beautiful and unifying way. Visiting the Immigrant Yarn Project will be free in all locations, underwritten by our generous sponsors. The Immigrant Yarn Project is organized by Enactivist, a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3), 

Meet the Team behind IYP

The Immigrant Yarn Project is a creative collaboration that includes over 500 (and counting) contributors. Without the generous help of these creative activists, we wouldn't have a project, but there is also this handful of people organizing behind the scenes: